Saturday 19 Apr 2014

The Oldie, the magazine that dares to be interesting . . .

How would you like a monthly magazine which is…

  • Unpredictable and eclectic
  • Where Britain’s best writers express themselves freely and passionately
  • Where books and the arts are reviewed without mercy
  • A sanctuary for all who are irritated by our celebrity-obsessed media and culture
  • Full of cartoons and is very funny

…and celebrates the unusual and eccentric?

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Edited by ex-Private Eye man Richard Ingrams, The Oldie is emphatically not a magazine about retirement. We recognise that what our readers want more than anything else is good writing and amusing articles on a wide variety of topics. It is for any independent-minded reader.

As well as all the regular book reviews (recent reviewers have included Tony Benn and Colin Dexter), arts and theatre, travel and columns (Virginia Ironside and John Sweeney to name just two), The Oldie has regular interviews with MPs, writers, comedians and those currently in the news. Our "I Once Met" feature is written by our readers, telling of their run-ins with the famous and infamous, while our "Anorak" column is written by a different geek every month (music critic Stuart Maconie recently confessed all). You’ll find a sense of humour an advantage.

Plus! The Oldie Review of Books is our free quarterly supplement which gives you a digest of reviews of the sixty best books of the quarter. We compile not just our own views but those of all the national press and leading magazines to ensure you get the best picture. This is in addition to our renowned book sections and reviewers.

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May Issue



    In this issue...

    • Corruption in Ukraine: the British connection...

    • ‘Always a shadow, never the real thing’ – Gerald Kaufman talks to The Oldie

    • Paxo called to task

    • Why are phone calls such a pain these days?


Plus: What is joint enterprise? (p17); men in skirts (p27); a cuckoo in the nest (p38); Pompeii’s a dump (p40); The Ian Mikardo High School (p 28); the mysteries of compound interest; grumpy old men (pp19 and 55) and more...

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